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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Online Books

Check out these books...

Mr. Coyote Meets Mr. Snail - by Storie-Jean Agapith, a native American indian author - Illustrated by Michael S. Weber.

Absulum the Reindeer Elf - by Duncan Wells - Illustrated by Carol Moore.

Grow Your Own Gargoyle - by Valerie Hardin - Illustrated by Carol Moore.

The Wumpalump - by Cheryl Pearson - An illustrated religious parable.

The Loomploy - by Cheryl Pearson - Illustrated by Lea McAndrews - A religious parable.

The Littlest Knight - by Carol Moore - An illustrated fairy tale.

McFeeglebee's Pond - by Carol Moore - An illustrated story.

Who Did Patrick's Homework? - by Carol Moore - An illustrated story.

It Could Happen... - by Carol Moore - NEW ILLUSTRATIONS by Aura Moser.


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