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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Myra's Secret

Myra woke up to the sound of her mother rattling the pots and pans in the kitchen sink. At first she thought it was her little brother’s music that he always played loudly, but he was away on holidays with a friend. Then Myra’s mother started singing which really woke her up. She rubbed her eyes, checked the clock (which showed 7am) and stretched before rolling back the sheets and hopping out of bed. Myra was on her way to the toilet when she remembered…her secret. This bought a smile to her face but it also made her feel a bit uneasy. After all, a secret like hers would be enough to worry anyone.

Myra greeted her mum with a kiss as she came into the kitchen, fully dressed and ready for school. They chatted while they ate their breakfast and then Myra suddenly felt she had to tell her mum her secret. “Mum…I have something to tell you…”

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